Alex & David | Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY

Kicking off the weekend with a feel good, make you want to smile, "Eat Cake and Dance" sort of Teaser. Alex & David thank you so much for having us spend this incredible day with you! We just love being around you and your beautiful families. It was a perfect day! Amy at Chandlelier Events you are amazing….everything was just stunning and breathtaking!
Okay time to grab a refreshing lunch salad, turn up those speakers and Enjoy!

Kylee & Anthony | Trump National Bedminster

How about a little Friday Night/ Spring Break / Holiday Weekend Teaser?
Keeping this one super short but very special since this is the wedding of our own very own deliciously beautiful niece. What more is there to say? Kylee and Anthony you are amazing…and ridiculously silly together! We love you both so so so much. and cannot wait to share the rest of your beautiful day with you! Okay so time to grab a gluten free snack, kick back and enjoy! XXOO!!


Ashley & Mike | The Reeds at Shelter Haven

Anyone up for a make you wanna smile then turn and hug someone kinda flick? Hope you said yes cause this would be it! It's not that often we get the pleasure of shooting weddings way way down the Jersey Shore. Stone Harbor is a very special place for Ashley & Mike who have been vacationing there with their families since forever... so who better to show us around town? Add a couple of trollys, some oversized balloons, a super cute photo booth, lanterns that won't cooperate, and an after party DJ…. makes it needless to say this was a chock full of goodies kind of day! Ash and Mike, thank you both so much for having Jack and I spend this insanely beyond fun day with you, your families, and awesome bridal party. You two are just too delicious for words!
Okay time to sit back, prepare for some awwwws, a smile or two…or lots grin emoticon, and Enjoy! Lots of Love!

Brittany & Jim | Florentine Gardens

Today makes a perfect day for a little deliciously warm, passionate, candlelit-esque teaser. 
Ever have one of those nights where everything around you makes you smile and feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy? This was one of them. Truly, there was enough love, laughs, history, and romance (the way Jim looks at Brittany…have mercy) on this night to make anyone melt. Brittany & Jimmy you two are just crazy beautiful all around. Thank you so much for letting us share this night with you. Love you two sexy treats! 
Okay enough jibber jabber. Time to grab a warm blanket, snuggle up and enjoy! Lots of Love!


Christy & Matt | Yale Club NY

Soooo...this is our 2015 opening Teaser and I can't think of a better day to post this than today! Happy Birthday Beautiful Christy Glovaski! Love U!
I promised to keep this post short and sweet so here goes… Three words - Rain, Candles, Romance…oh my!
Christy & Matt, we had the most wonderful time spending the day with you! We knew it would be great day from the minute we couldn’t catch a cab and got soaked in the pouring rain…then laughed about it. True Story. Once we walked in and saw everyone it was just wedding film bliss from that moment on. From beginning to end your day was treat after treat for us and we are truly grateful to have been there. You are beautiful inside and out.
Okay well… time to grab a hot cocoa, kick back and enjoy! Lots of Love!


Nicole & Matt | Tribecca Rooftop

Good day for a little saucy and a good chunk of funky kind of Teaser. Nicole & Matt… we can't thank you and your family enough for one of the most fun on the dance floor nights ever. Also the most delicious popcorn take away thingies. *NOTE TO FRIENDS…If you're in Tribecca you must stop by Matt's restaurant Distilled (shameless plug…see what I did there ) The entire day was suh-huch a great time and editing this piece was like heaven in the cave. Thank you so much for having us spend the day with you…we LOVE you guys! 
Okay enough chit chat… time to turn up the speakers, adjust the bass and enjoy! Lots of Love!


Jennie & Dan | Above Rooftop SI New York

Jennie & Dan | Above Rooftop from Fiore Films on Vimeo.

Elizabeth & Jarett By Colin Cowie Teaser | Glenmere Mansion NY

Words cannot express how in love we are with Elizabeth & Jarett. Clearly both insanely gorgeous, but even more warm and beautiful on the inside than you can imagine….AND soooo ridiculously funny!  We could not get enough of their sexy then silly. Okay yes, we were like kids in a candy store all weekend. I cannot say it enough…we are just beyond blessed to have the most amazing couples in the world! It was of course another Colin Cowie Celebrations jaw dropping, make you feel good, and inviting weekend event at Glenmere Mansion. Beginning with an intimate long table rehearsal dinner and the most sublime rehearsal dinner dress on the planet (had to say it), then followed by the most picture perfect wedding day.  It was something right out of a movie. Ceremony and cocktail hour for guests at the mansion, then walk to the most magnificent tent with full sized crystal chandeliers, and long tables. No matter where you turned it was one gorgeous detail over the next.  But of course truly, no one could keep their eyes off the newlyweds and this is a true story…they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. Elizabeth & Jarret are just amazing together and this was why we fell in love with them most.
Be prepared for one of our favorite stories ever told by a groom. "I was filled to the absolute brim with emotion and happiness and I swear to you all I felt it that entire moment, my world  shift". One of the best things we've ever heard….ever. 

Music Licenced from Music Bed
Venue - Glenmere Mansion
Event Design & Coordinator - Colin Cowie Celebrations