Fiore Films EventDV 25 Finalist!

We were so proud and especially honored to read this morning, that Fiore Films was listed among the top 50 most influential event filmmaking studios in the world.
EventDV Magazine, a publication for all things event film related, held its annual awards show honoring the 25 most influential studios. This year, they decided to add EventDV 25 Finalists.
What makes this award so extraordinary? The votes come from none other than our very own peers across the globe!

A quote from the brilliant David Perry of David Perry Films, who was recently announced to be one of EventDV 25:
"Who says wedding films can't be sexy? Sharrone goes way beyond that, putting her films in a unique class all her own"  - David Perry, David Perry Films                                                     

Thank you so much David, and to all those who consider us to be a part of this select group of talents. We are truly grateful.

*For best viewing press pause until 100% buffered then press play. Please enjoy!