Stephanie & David..."Eye Candy"

Stephanie & David, now husband and wife (yaaaaay!) wanted to add a little "wow factor" to there already stunning wedding. They asked us to create some "eye candy" to play during their first dance to Sade. Mmmmmmm....anyone who is familiar with Fiore Films knows we loves us some eye candy! Picture this...four 60 inch flat screens set around the room at the gorgeous Crystal Plaza, while David twirls Stephanie simultaneously with their film on the dance floor. They were show stopping! You can check out some of their stunning photos by Josh Lynn Photography on his Facebook page. Also, stay tuned for their Wedding Trailer coming soon!

*For best viewing press pause until 100% buffered, then press play.

If you're not familiar with Stephanie & David from their "So Dreamy" Save The Date film, feel free to check them out here.