Stephanie & David Wedding Teaser

It's one thing, to film a breathtaking dress, striking details, a kick ass band, ridiculous lighting, and a grande venue...just a fabulous wedding alltogether...But to witness two people that are so in love, so not worried a stitch about anything other than actually getting married...well that is truly a sight to see. For Stephanie and David, becoming husband and wife was genuinly the only thing they were looking forward to from the minute we met them. Their spectacular wedding was...welll...a big BONUS for us all!

Congratulations to "Husband" and "Wifey". We love you guys so much! XXOO!

Venue - Crystal Plaza
Flowers - A Touch Of Elegance
Photgrapher - Josh Lynn
Band - The Rythm Shop
Lighting - Illumination
Hair - The Style Room
Make Up - Ashimoto
The Boyz - Jack & Nick

*For best viewing, press pause until 100% buffered, the press play. Enjoy!