Cara & Lance "Hot Shot"

The Best Wedding Vendors - The Little Black Book

Thank goodness... we FINALLY get to share this with everyone! This past summer we filmed a Hot Shot for Cara & Lance to screen on their wedding day this past weekend. Central Park, NY is especially a personal location for them since Lance proposed to Cara on the bridge last winter...and they have the most adorable tradition ever, of staying at The Plaza Hotel every Valentine's Day! Awwwwww....

As always, we had an amazing time...especially since our good friend Steve from Cinci (Studio Z Films) came out to join us and rocked the steadicam on this one! Special thanks to Josh as well. Not to mention a crazy dinner at Wofgang's Steakhouse after the shoot with the whole gang. Oh my homemade "Shlag"!!!

We were so happy to be a part of their amazing wedding this past weekend...more to come....
Congratulations you crazy cats...Have a wonderful honeymoon in Fiji!

For best viewing press pause until 100% buffered, then press play.