Elaine & Allen...Teaser

If there is anything to say about every one of our couples, it is that they are truly in love and are genuinely looking forward to celebrating their wedding day with family and friends who mean the world to them. Honestly, we are so blessed with the best couples in the world!
Elaine and Allen are right out of a fairy tale story. He is her Prince Charming and she is his Princess. The best way to describe it is simply by the way she looks at him (check out 1:46). We are not sure if they even realize it.

Everyone has heard the saying "Good things come to those who wait". Well...for Elaine and Allen it was exactly that! Not too long ago "that lovely lady called Irene" came around...she was pretty nasty. We will never forget that phone call from our devastated bride, Elaine, crying and telling us they decided to postpone their wedding for obvious reasons. It was heart wrenching to hear her so upset. But we knew they made the right decision. Cut to almost two months later...well...words cannot describe the the most beautiful weather and sun one could ever imagine on a wedding day! As always, the Crystal Plaza blew everyone away with all they did for Elaine and Allen to make it the most perfect day for them. And of course the one and only Rhythm Shop who had the bride and groom along with all their guests non stop on the dance floor! To witness the day this amazing couple saw each other for the first time, get married, and celebrate like there was no tomorrow is beyond words!

Elaine and Allen, we are so grateful and touched to have been a part of your magnificent wedding day. It was such a joy and of course, we are so excited to share an amazing wedding film with you. We love you both so much!

Venue - Crystal Plaza
Flowers - Debbie's Designs
Band - The Rhythm Shop