Kira & Andrew | Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn, NY

There is something about a groom not being able to hold back tears when he turns around to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. It never gets old. But then when the bride says he looks so good and his reply is jokingly "Damn straight I do" you can't help but laugh out loud. Just one example of how Kira and Andrew are inarguably one of the most fun, perfect, and ohhh so sexy couples one could ever meet. We love them so much! From beginning to end and I mean…beginning to end... there were non stop laughs and plenty of tears. Then to cap the night off...dancing like there was no tomorrow! We had the most amazing time with Kira and Andrew, along with their hysterical bridal party and beautiful families. Of course we are so grateful to them for having us there.

Venue - The Liberty Warehouse
Photographer - Max Flatow
Hair - (Chris) Christopher Marrero
Makeup - Christine DeBratto
Dress - Anne Barge
Jewelry - Bridal Styles
Groom's Tux - Sandro
Bridesmaid Dresses - Adrianna Pappell
Flowers - Metro Floral
DJ - Jasper Stapleton