Ashley & Mike | The Reeds at Shelter Haven

Anyone up for a make you wanna smile then turn and hug someone kinda flick? Hope you said yes cause this would be it! It's not that often we get the pleasure of shooting weddings way way down the Jersey Shore. Stone Harbor is a very special place for Ashley & Mike who have been vacationing there with their families since forever... so who better to show us around town? Add a couple of trollys, some oversized balloons, a super cute photo booth, lanterns that won't cooperate, and an after party DJ…. makes it needless to say this was a chock full of goodies kind of day! Ash and Mike, thank you both so much for having Jack and I spend this insanely beyond fun day with you, your families, and awesome bridal party. You two are just too delicious for words!
Okay time to sit back, prepare for some awwwws, a smile or two…or lots grin emoticon, and Enjoy! Lots of Love!